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November 3, 2009 at 1:25 pm (Tugas Kuliah)


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In badminton there are many technique. Footwork is to move as efficiently as possible to all area of the court. An important point to remember in badminton is that the last step before the shuttle is struck should always be taken with the right foot (racket foot) step.

In ready position, keep the feet even and spread a little wider than the shoulders. In movement to the front for a backhand underhand net or clear stroke, the first step is a small one toward the front . The second step is a long step with the right foot. The next step can be either a long step with the left foot or short one depending on how far we need to go to reach the shuttle. The last step should always be with the right foot (racket foot). Return to the center of the court to get ready position

In conclusion, to make our movement more efficient ,try to get back to the center of the court. If we cannot get there before our opponent start to hit the shuttle, stop and react to where he hit. We can cover a great part of the court if we are standing still and not moving when our opponent hit.



Ada beberapa macam tehnik dalam badminton. tujuan dari footwork adalah untuk bergerak seefisien mungkin ke semua area lapangan. Poin penting yang perlu diingat dalam badminton adalah langkah terakhir shuttle dipukul harus selalu diambil dengan langkah kaki kanan.

Pada posisi siap kedua kaki sejajar daterbuka sedikit lebih lebar daripada bahu. Dalam pergerakan ke depan untuk pukulan backhand underhand net or clear stroke, langkah pertama adalah langkah kecil kea rah depan. Langkah kedua adalah langkah panjang dengan kaki kanan. Langkah berikutnya adalah langkah panjang atau langkah pendek dari kaki kiri tergantung berapa jauh kita harus bergerak untuk mencapai shuttle. Langkah terakhir garus selalu dengan kaki kanan (kaki raket). Kemudian kembali ke tengah lapangan untuk kembali ke posisi siap.

Kesimpulannya, untuk membuat langkah kita lebih efisien, coba untuk kembali ke tengah lapangan. Jika kita tidak dapat kembali kesana sebelum lawan kita mulai memukul shuttle, berhenti dan bereaksi kemana dia memukul. Kita dapat menutup sebagian besar lapangan jika kita berdiri tenang dan tidak bergerak ketika lawan kitra memukul.


  1. Simon and Pandu will play badminton in Blitar tomorrow morning.
  2. Ashom was bought sport equipment in sport station last night.
  3. In sport station, we can buy many kind of sport equipment such as racket, shuttle cock, bag, etc.
  4. When we play badminton, our foot steps must be effective.
  5. Before we struck the shuttle cock, we must calm down so we can reach it.
  6. Badminton has two kind of the game, there are singe and double.
  7. Taufik Hidayat is badminton player from Indonesia who is become a world champion in 2004.
  8. The field of badminton usually has green color with white line and net in the middle of the field.
  9. This year, China get Thomas Cup and Uber Cup easily.
  10. In badminton we can see many kind of struck such as backhand, forehand, etc.
  11. When we play badminton we often use small shuffle steps.
  12. to return the opposite lop struck, we must go back with small backward steps.
  13. The important point when we play badminton is we must stay in the center of the field.
  14. In smash we hit the shuttle cock over our head.
  15. If we want have strong foots, we must practice it continually.
  16. Most of badminton fields built indoor because the shuttle cannot move normally when there are a wind.
  17. Badminton played in five set and every set finished in 21 pints.
  18. there are many kind of struck in badminton, but smash is the fastest.
  19. Shuttle cock is badminton ball, but it made by feather.
  20. Power, balance, explosive power and flexibility are needed to play badminton.
  21. we must prepare more than one shuttle cock when we play badminton because the feather broke easily.

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